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Through a Glass Darkly; The practice of Catoptromancy or divination by mirrors in Traditional Witchcraft


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Through a Glass Darky discusses methods for achieving effective skying using black Obsidian Mirrors based upon the practices of the Coven of the Black Sun.  In so doing the book examines the techniques for piercing the veil and entering the Lunar Astral Plane were all magic must originate. It is by your expression of your willful intent in the Lunar Astral Plane that manifestation of your intent will occur on the Physical Plane in which we all dwell. Of all of the divinatory arts, skrying ifs perhaps the most effective and versatile, and it is the tool of choice of many Witches, novice and expert alike. For individuals seeking a entry-level explanation of how Witchcraft works, this book reveals a straight-forward  pathway towards understanding skrying.

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 The Art of Conjuration; Creation and manifestation of intent in the physical world

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Conjuration is the use of magic to manifest the will of the Conjuror;  however it requires the observation of certain arcane riitual practices, all of which must be performed within established guidelines. One of the requirements for conjuration is that kt must be made manifest while the Witch is ascended  the Lunar Astral Realm. This book discusses the practice of conjuration, including a set of written guidelines called “The Creed” and  provides instruction for ascension to the Lunar Astral. world. It provides examples  of conjurations and details the planning and organization which must accompany a successful conjuration.

Piercing the Veil; Performing Tarot Divination while in the Lunar Astral Realm

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Tarot has been regarded as a divination method requiring that the Diviner enter a state of altered
consciousness, usually described as a trance [sic] using images printed upon a set of cards to
communicate with spirits[sic]: when used in this manner the practice is little more than a parlor game.
More serious practitioners of the Tarot are keenly aware that the Tarot card images are archetypes
which are capable of evoking vivid understanding of the universal consciousness and the totality of
life’s experiences. Although this knowledge improves the validity of a divination, it remains limited by
the fact that the Diviner operates in the Physical Plane. It is the nature of Physicality that it filters out
the more sublime aspects of universal consciousness.
This book describes a method which enhances the effectiveness of Tarot divination by raising the
Diviner above the physical realm and placing them firmly in the Lunar Astral realm in which the flow
of the universal consciousness is richer and more intense