Books by Oscar Tusk

Through a Glass Darkly; The practice of Catoptromancy or divination by mirrors in Traditional Witchcraft


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Through a Glass Darky discusses methods for achieving effective skying using black Obsidian Mirrors based upon the practices of the Coven of the Black Sun.  In so doing the book examines the techniques for piercing the veil and entering the Lunar Astral Plane were all magic must originate. It is by your expression of your willful intent in the Lunar Astral Plane that manifestation of your intent will occur on the Physical Plane in which we all dwell. Of all of the divinatory arts, skrying ifs perhaps the most effective and versatile, and it is the tool of choice of many Witches, novice and expert alike. For individuals seeking a entry-level explanation of how Witchcraft works, this book reveals a straight-forward  pathway towards understanding skrying.